Workforce Development Research 

In the spring of 2024, the ASNT Foundation, along with research consultancy, McKinley Advisors began comprehensive research to understand the state of readiness of the nondestructive testing (NDT) workforce, identifying skills gaps, measuring industry wage and benefits, and hiring obstacles and challenges within the NDT workforce.

The goal is to collect actionable data to develop strategies to bridge these gaps and ensure the sustainable growth of the NDT workforce. Additionally, we will create a compensation and benefits report using the gathered market data. This report could become the primary reference for NDT professionals, employers, hiring managers, and human resources professionals.

A summary report of the research findings will be shared here later this summer.



Research Phases and Methodology

Phase 1
April 2024

In-depth interviews were conducted with industry stakeholders with important insights into salary, compensation, and potential benefits, and its challenges and opportunities. These interviews uncovered common compensation practices that will be further explored through quantitative research in the subsequent project phases.

Phase 2
May 2024

We conducted an electronic wage and benefits survey, to collect valuable data on compensation and benefits trends within specific industries, regions, and job roles.

Phase 3
May 2024

In this final phase, we held focus groups with important audiences. During these sessions, we gathered valuable insights and perceptions about the current state of training and education, the readiness of the NDT workforce, and challenges faced by employers. Additionally, we gathered stakeholder ideas on how the ASNT Foundation and ASNT can help address the identified challenges.


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