Past Faculty Grant Recipients


  • Karen Johnson, PhD, Southern Illinois University Carbondale: "Development of Nondestructive Testing Curriculum for Collegiate Aviation and Engineering" Technologies Programs"
  • Esmeralda Vataj, PhD, New Jersey Institute of Technology: "Nondestructive Testing Methods in Civil Engineering"


  • Dr. Tzuyang Yu, University of Massachusetts Lowell: "Improving a Multimodal, Multiscale, and Multispectral NDT Course at UMass Lowell"
  • Dr. Hossein Taheri,  Georgia Southern University: "Development of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Course for Manufacturing Engineering"


  • Dr. Tsuchin Philip Chu, Southern Illinois University: “New NDT Course experiments for Aerospace and Civil Infrastructure Applications.”
  • Rakesh Kumar Behera, New York University: “Development for Graduate Level Online Course on NDE (ME-GY-7333).”


  • Mr. Aleksander Vakanski & Dr. Lee Ostrom, University of Idaho, Idaho Falls: “Enhancing Opportunities for Distance Education in Non-Destructive Testing via a Web-based Course.”
  • Dr. David Eisenmann, Iowa State University: “Development of a Course in Applied Nondestructive Testing/Evaluation.”


  • Yiming Deng & Lalita Udpa: "Development of Electromagnetic NDE Sensor Technologies Course at Michigan State University"
  • Tsuchin Philip Chu: "Development of a New Course for Engineering Students, ME/CE486: Introduction to Nondestructive Testing"


  • Ahmed Abdel-Mohti, Hui Shen, & J. Blake Hylton: "An Interdisciplinary Approach: The Use of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation in Engineering Applications"
  • Paul J. Schafbuch: "Introductory NDT for Core Mechanics and Aerospace Structures Courses"


  • Ahmed Arabi Haassen, Haibin Ning, and Uday Vaidya: “Development of Non Destructive Evaluation Course (MSE 433/533) to Include a Module for Integrating NDE for Composite Materials Industries”
  • Aleksandar Vakanski: “Development of a New Course ‘Introduction to Non-destructive Testing’ with the University of Idaho”


  • Didem Ozevin and Ernesto Indacochea: “Revision of CME 594 Characterization of Materials using Nondestructive Testing Methods”
  • John S. Popovics:  “Curriculum Expansion to Incorporate Laboratory NDT for Corrosion”


  • Todd Sulchek:  “Development of curricula for engineering students focused on new nondestructive testing for the course MEMS Fabrication (CHBE/ECE/ME 6229)”
  • Xiaoning Jiang: “Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation – An Undergraduate Course at NC State”


  • Tsuchin Philip Chu:  “Development of NDT Modules for Engineering Students”
  • Kimberly Kurtis, David Scot and Yang Wang: “Development of New Nondestructive Testing Course for Inclusion in the Engineering Curricula at The Georgia Institute of Technology”


  • Ivan Bartoli and Antonios Kontsos:  “Revision of Undergraduate/Graduate Course CIVE 615: ‘Infrastructure Condition Evaluation via NDT’”
  • Salvatore Salamone:  “Revision of Graduate Course CIE500S ‘Introduction to Nondestructive Evaluation’”


  • Yiming J. Deng:  “Developing New Nondestructive Testing Courses to Serve the Denver Metropolitan Area and the State of Colorado”
  • Scott R. Short:  “Revision of MEE 431 Composite Materials so as to Include a Lecture Component on NDE”


  • Norbert Delatte: “Redesign of a Nondestructive Testing Course for Blended Learning”
  • John C. Duke, Jr: “Design Course Module – Sustainable System Design”


  • Nicola Bowler:  “Graduate Course in Eddy Current NDE for Distance Learning”
  • John Rajadas and Sangram S. Redkar: “Nondestructive Testing Laboratory Enhancement”


  • Piervincenzo Rizzo:  “Development of Undergraduate Course CEE1370 Nondestructive Evaluation”
  • Parviz Yavari: “Development of Inspection Measurement Lab (ET313L)”


  • Anwar Haque:  “Development of Web-based Modules and Improvement of an Existing Nondestructive Evaluation Course”


  • Iris V. Rivero:  “Fundamentals of Nondestructive Testing”
  • Glenn A. Washer:  “Nondestructive Evaluation for Post-event Condition Assessment”


  • Thomas F. Lukach: “Nondestructive Testing, Evaluation and Applications”
  • Jamal Rhazi: “Development of a Course on Nondestructive Testing and Instrumental of Civil Engineering”


  • Francesco Lanza di Scalea and Vistasp Karbhari: “Development of Undergraduate Course SE163: Nondestructive Evaluation”
  • Angie Hill Price and Robert W. Bolton:  “Integration of Inspection Methodologies in a Manufacturing Curriculum”


  • John C. Duke, Jr:  “Database of NDE Images”
  • Kevin K. Tseng: “Integration of NDT into CE295 Mechanics of Composite Materials Course”


  • John C. Duke, Jr:  “NDE Lecture Modules”
  • Philip McNew:  “Nondestructive Testing Laboratory”


  • Guillermo Ramirez:  “Development of New Courses in Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Memphis”


  • David Hintenlang: “Distance Education in Nondestructive Testing for Engineers”
  • Kevin Rens: “Nondestructive Testing in Civil Engineering”