Updates to the President’s Award Program

In July 2022, ASNT made updates to the President's Award Program. Perhaps the biggest update to the program was the elimination of points; sections no longer receive varying amounts of points for certain management, operations, and outreach activities. Instead, sections track their activities and progress with an easy-to-follow checklist. We also reworked the categories and activities that sections are required to do to participate. Sections can now earn a platinum level of the award, in addition to the traditional bronze, silver, and gold levels. Below is a chart to use to compare the current program and the updates.

View the new checklist as well as other reports for the program here to see how sections can earn a President’s Award and to view the reworked activities.

For any questions relating to the updates to the President’s Award Program, contact ASNT’s Communities and Sections Manager at sections@asnt.org.