Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be an individual member of ASNT?

ASNT members include professionals from trade associations, professional societies, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, suppliers of products and services to associations, educators, government employees, and others who interact with the association industry.

How do I become an ASNT section member?

An ASNT member is automatically assigned membership to the closest section geographically. ASNT section membership is included with your paid ASNT membership.

Can I request membership to a different ASNT section?

Yes, call ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768.

Where can I find the ASNT member code of ethics?

The Code of Ethics can be found here.


If I hold ASNT certification, do I automatically have membership in ASNT?

No. Membership is optional and has its own dues fees.

I registered on Am I a member now?

No, registering at does not make you a member. Applying for membership is necessary and a dues payment is required.

Is my member ID number the same as my certification ID number?

Yes. We refer to these as customer ID numbers. They are the same for a member who is also an ASNT certificate holder.

Can I earn recertification points for keeping my ASNT membership active?

Yes. ASNT Level IIIs can earn 1 recertification point for each year (12 months) they have membership during their certification period. See category ‘J’ on the following schedule. Note: Log onto to MyASNT to download your ASNT activity transcript for your certification renewal.

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term based on the calendar year?

Your membership term is for one year beginning on the day you joined ASNT. Individual members have individual renewal dates. Therefore, the amount for your first year of membership is the full dues amount.

Does ASNT prorate membership?


Is ASNT membership refundable?


Is ASNT membership transferable?


I recently retired from NDT and I wish to maintain my membership with ASNT Does ASNT offer a retired membership option?

Yes, retired membership is available to ASNT members who have paid full membership dues for at least 15 years, and who are 60 years old, retired, and are not receiving remuneration of any kind for NDT activity.

Contact ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768 to renew as a retired member.

How can I purchase a Lifetime membership with ASNT?

Available to individuals whose combined membership tenure and age are equal to or greater than 65 years. Call ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768 to renew as a Lifetime member.

Does ASNT offer members with hardships options for renewing?

ASNT is pleased to offer a 6-month complimentary membership to members who are experiencing hardships due to unemployment or temporary disability. Contact ASNT Member Relations Coordinator at 1-800-222-2768 to see if you qualify for hardship offerings.

Are my ASNT membership dues tax deductible?

Ask your tax preparer whether all or some portion of your membership dues qualify for tax deduction.

Are my ASNT membership dues considered a charitable donation?


Can I financially sponsor a membership for someone else?

Yes. Contact ASNT Customer Support Department at 1-800-222-2768.

How can I check to see when my membership is expiring?

You can log onto MyASNT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to update your information and preferences.

How do I update my contact information and communication preferences?

You can log onto MyASNT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to update your information and preferences.

How do I renew my membership?

Members can renew online. You can mail a check or money order with your membership renewal invoice to: ASNT 1201 Dublin Road, Suite #G04, Columbus, OH 43215 USA. If paying by wire transfer, call ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768 for assistance.

How do I get a membership card replacement?

Contact ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768.

How quickly will I have access to my digital Materials Evaluation magazine subscription?

Members who pay by credit card online will have access to the digital version of Materials Evaluation within 24 hours. For members who pay by check, it may take up to 2 weeks to gain access to benefits.

How do I make a claim for missing print copies of Materials Evaluation?

Contact ASNT Customer Support at or 1-800-222-2768.

What is ASNT Group Membership?

Group Membership is quantity bundles of NDT Professional memberships at tiered discount pricing. Whether you have many employees or just a few you can make them all ASNT members and provide them access to a powerful NDT network and a variety of valuable programs and savings. Call ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768 to join/renew.

How can Group Membership be purchased?

Call ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768 to join/renew.

What is the cost for Group Membership?

See all options at

Which of my employees are eligible for Group Membership?

Any employee is eligible for membership.

Does Group Membership provide my organization discounts on ASNT products?

Only the individual employees who are signed up as members will receive discounts on ASNT products, but the organization does not.

Can a Group Membership tier be changed?

Yes, upon Group Membership renewal.

Can an employee be added to a Group Membership after initial sign-up?

Call ASNT Customer Support at 1-800-222-2768.